Best Friends

Hello.. Some 1 asked me 2 describe u in 2 words, dey expected me 2 answer d word MY FRIEND, but i didn't answer dat i simply smiled n said GOD'S GIFT...!
Never make ur frnds feel alone while U r on earth. Dsturb dem as mch as U cn. Let dem feel ur presnce! Show dem U r DAMN ALIVE!!
Flower never knows how Beautiful it is. A sea never know how Deep it is. U never know how valuable u r 2 me always as a Good Hearted friend..!
When u win, every1 take pride 2 celebrate ur victory but whn u loose, only true frnd hold ur hand sit by ur side n say - "zalil hi karwaya kar tu har jagah":-)
Unerdtsandng Bteewen Each Ohter Is Rael Fierndsihp Eevn We Hvae So Mnay Msitkaes Lkie Tihs Msesage,Btu i Konw U Cna Raed Wtihuot erorr...
A friend who you can call anytime,
whom you can irritate all day and night.
One who listens to your endless talks,
and who is only yours even after a fight.
I Can't Find a Reason,Why Life Introduced You to Me,But thats not the question 2 b asked.
Question is How Life Knew that i Needed a Friend Like You!
A best frnd is 1 who says:-
"Wo teri kismat me nahi, Yaar usse Bhul Ja."
a True friend
is 1who says:-"Tu padhai pe dhyan de,ghar se utha layenge usko to..." tum kaun se ho?
You have successfully recharged your friendship account.Your friendship account balance is happy .Your account will expire on My death.
miss u dost.
If u r angry vd ur lovable frd,
just put aside ur egos,
hug each other & say,
Fights for friends.
Joyful trips.
Examination fever.
Suspense of results.
Making parodies of teachers.
Joking with juniors.
Carefree laughters.
Gossips about affairs.
Just everything….
People call it ill manners.
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